Travel sizes


Travel size products – shampoos, deodorants and shaving foam in travel sizes

Maybe the best invention since the wheel? Not quite, but beauty products in travel sizes are brilliant, and we have included a broad selection of the best on the market in our stores. We are, in fact, so crazy about them that we have dedicated quite a lot of space in our stores just to travel size products. In this category we have shampoos, shaving foams, toothpaste, deodorants and hair care products in nice and convenient travel sizes for you to bring everywhere. In addition, we have a selection of useful items for your trip, such as luggage scales, check-in bags, sleep masks and much more.

Everything you need in small travel bottles

NORMAL has collected some of the most important products in this category and they all come in small, convenient travel bottles. So, now you can carry all your essential beauty and healthcare products with you everywhere. Stop by NORMAL and be inspired by our nice travel bottles that should fit every travel need – both long and short trips.

Hair care products in travel sizes

NORMAL loves hair care products and we know that they are an integrated part of everyday life.  That is why it is annoying if you cannot get your favourite hair care products with you on the trip. Luckily you can now; we have a lot of well-known brands in practical travel sizes for you to carry anywhere. You never have to experience another bad hair day when you travel.

Lots of travel size bottles – travel bottles for shampoo

Know the frustration of not being able to bring your favourite shampoo on vacation? NORMAL has the solution – travel size refills! You can now fill your favourite shampoo on our bottles that are so compact that you can bring them on your trip. Visit your local NORMAL store and be inspired before your trip, so you do not have to worry about shampoo once you reach your destination.