Textile detergent


Fabric softener, detergent, stain remover and washing tabs – everything you need for the laundry

Freshly laundered clothes is one of the most underestimated things in the world – at least we think so, because the sensation of sweet-smelling and clean clothes on your body is fantastic. Therefore, we offer you everything that ensures you a good laundry experience. Laundry is one of the household chores that is most easy to overcome. We think it is due to the fact that clean and fresh clothes form the basis of a good day – self-confidence and personal well-being starts with clean and fresh apparel and spotless clothes to put on in the morning. Visit your local NORMAL store and be inspired by our large selection of products to take care of the laundry.

The essentials – fabric softener and detergent

The most important step towards clean clothes is to have available all the products which provides for that adorable clean and sweet-smelling feeling. Every home should have at least one fabric softener and detergents of good quality. If you use fabric softeners and detergents that really work, you can be sure to have your clothes thoroughly cleaned. Don´t cheat yourself out of fresh and delicate clothes – stop by NORMAL and find some of the best fabric softeners and detergents in the world. We have some of the best brands –and even at low prices.

Stain remover for stray stains            

Who doesn't know about minor accidents during cooking or eating? Unmanageable stains from red wine or food which just won't wash off . There is a solution to that annoying problem; the stain remover! This product adds an extra dimension to cleaning your clothes. The stain remover uses a concentrated technology that targets the stain directly and makes sure that your shirt, pants, dress or panties are as good as new. At NORMAL we have some of the world´s best stain removers, and we hope that you will come and check them out. We are ready to guide you in finding the perfect stain remover for your specific needs.

Tabs for the washing machine

Although most people probably use either fabric softener or washing powder for standard laundry, there is a great alternative which does the job just as good. Washing tabs have been developed for washing machines and you can now get these tabs to handle the laundry. At NORMAL we want you to have different alternatives when it comes to handling your household chores; therefore we have included washing tabs in our assortment, so you have more than fabric softeners and washing powders to choose from. Some might even find that washing tabs are much easier to use than the more traditional alternatives. Whatever you prefer, we have given you the best options to choose from.