Snacks & beverages


Snacks and drinks – check out our large selection of candy, juice and chocolate

Yummy. Ice cream. Chocolate. Juice. Ice tea. At NORMAL we appreciate all the good stuff in our lifes, and we have made a category for all of that. You can easily satisfy all your food cravings here at NORMAL, regardless of whether you prefer biscuits, candy, chocolate or chips. If you need some refreshing drinks to quench your thirst, we also have a solution to that. We have a large selection of energy drinks, soft drinks and juices – also more exotic drinks such as ginger beer. NORMAL appreciates diversity, and we believe that this shows in our broad selection of snacks. We try to be inspired from abroad and to bring new cultures and tastes into our stores. Set your taste buds free in your local NORMAL store. There should be something for any taste, and we are pretty sure that we will have at least one of your favourites in our stores.

Find delicious and low-price candy, chips and biscuits

All that the heart can desire. Some people feel that way about sweets such as candy, chips and biscuits – and we understand them. There is nothing better than a “snack night”. A good movie, a bowl of wine gum, some sour cream & onion chips and a pack of crisp oreos; it doesn´t get any better than that. Maybe you prefer salty or sweet liquorice, a bit of chocolate or some nuts? We are all different, and we want to reflect that in our stores. Therefore, we have found some of the best products for our NORMAL stores. You can find lots of extremely delicious snacks at NORMAL – because it is okay to pamper yourself and your loved ones. And the classics in candy, chips and biscuits have become classics for a reason.

 Quench your thirst with juices, energy drinks and ginger beers

At NORMAL we know how different preferences are when it comes to refreshing drinks. And we have made sure to have a large selection so everybody can get a cool drink by choice whenever they need it. You can have a fresh juice, a stimulating energy drink or one of our special ginger beers. We have something for every taste. We specialise in foreign brands which most Danes don't know much about. We hope that you will visit NORMAL if you need to quench your thirst, fancy something sweet or just want to try out our special drinks.

Crunchy sweets and refreshing chewing gum

As mentioned we know that we all have different preferences when it comes to sweets and candy. Therefore, we have included hard candy and chewing gum in our selection. Although often neglected, we are huge fans of hard candy at NORMAL, and we offer some of the very best in our stores. We also have a number of different chewing gums. Many people prefer the classic chewing gum with a taste of peppermint, but we know that others love different tastes of fruit and other sweet tastes. We have many variants and brands in our assortment, so there is something for all you gum-loving customers.