Skin care


Everything from sunscreen and facial masks to foot care

A healthy and sound skin is an important part of a beautiful appearance. At NORMAL we have a category with only one purpose: to help you nurture your skin. We have gathered all the important skin care products in this category. It can be difficult to find out which products to use for different occasions or purposes. Therefore, we really want to help you by giving an easy and clear overview of all our skin care products, from top to bottom - facial care to foot care.

Which SPF?

A good sunscreen is essential when it comes to protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the sun, and most people do in fact underestimate how important this is. Frequent exposure to the sun has many dangerous side effects and can cause skin cancer. So, it is important to invest in a good sunscreen that fits exactly to your skin type. Fortunately, we have a number of low-price sunscreens at NORMAL. We have sunscreens with many different SPFs, so you can choose exactly the kind of protection needed for your skin.

Get your skin tonic and cleansing wipes at NORMAL

Modern day people lead a busy and stressful life. This easily shows if your facial skin does not always get the care and relaxation it needs. So, it is important to have products at your disposal which take care of just that. At NORMAL, we have a number of skin care products and different cleansing products as part of our product range. And you can find both facial cleaners, moisturizers and cleansing wipes at your local NORMAL. Find the right care for your face to help it get through tough days.       

Relax and recharge with a facial mask

An underestimated joy is the relaxing effect of a good purifying facial mask. At NORMAL, we offer some of the world's very best facial masks in our skin care category. We would like more people to experience the joy of facial masks. Try out one of our amazing masks and take the time to relax all by yourself with a facial mask. Then, notice the renewed energy you and your face will experience.

Find your hand cream, moisturising cream and body lotion at NORMAL

Hand creams, moisturising creams and body lotions have become some of the most popular body care products over the last years – and no wonder. Moisturising creams have an impressive versatility that can save even the most tired days – simply because they have a refreshing effect. Also, different hand lotions and body lotions are essential for a well-functioning body, ready to meet the world in the best possible condition. Make sure that your body is in top form – find the best moisturising products in your local NORMAL store.