Pet food & accessories


All the good stuff for dogs and cats

At NORMAL, we are crazy about animals. That is why we have a category where it is all about pampering two of the most popular pets: The dog and the cat. We have chosen to include both dog and cat food and a lot of toys in our assortment. We have done that because we know how important it is to give our pets a good life. They give so much love and they deserve to get a lot in return. And what better way than with toys and treats? Naturally, we also have cat litter so you can cover the most basic pet necessities at your local NORMAL store.

Find low-price dog food and cat food at NORMAL

We have a nice selection of both dog food and cat food at NORMAL. And even though our selection holds some of the most popular brands, you can still get them at a reasonable price. So, you can find plenty of dog food and cat food at your local NORMAL store – and you can get it for a little less money than you usually pay. We are sure that your sweet pet will appreciate that.

Imaginative and great dog toys

A stimulated pet is a happy pet, and it is important to offer opportunities for the pet to exercise its sense of creativity and playfulness. Especially dogs love to play – you probably already know that. Therefore, we have a lot of different toys for you to bring home to your dog. Our dog toys are amazing – because only the best is good enough for your dog. Make your sweet dog happy and pamper it with some of our fantastic dog toys.

Funny and innovative cat toys

Cats love to play; you know that after having spent just a short time in the company of a cat. All cat owners know it and we have gathered some of the best cat toys at NORMAL. You can find a nice selection of cat toys in our stores. Make your cat happy and buy it a gift – a gift which gives joy and many hours of playtime. A stimulated cat is a happy cat and it should always have the possibility of using its creative sense at home. Get a nice and useful piece of cat toy at NORMAL.  

Delicious and nutritious treats and dog biscuits

Love to pamper your pet with delicious treats? Most of us do, and of course we have included delicious snacks in our assortment as well. We have both cat food and dog treats in our selection. So, stop by your local NORMAL and find low-cost treats for cats and dogs. There is a lot to choose from, so just come by and get inspired. Your pet will thank you – that's for sure.