Personal care


Personal hygiene – sanitary towels, tampons and cotton wool

At NORMAL we realise how important it is to keep your personal hygiene products in order, and we have made a category for all the most important products for just that. In this category you will find products for intimate care – like feminine towels and tampons, band aids, cotton pads and cotton swabs. You can find all your personal hygiene necessities at your local NORMAL store, and of course our selection includes different sizes as well as different brands.

Feminine towels, tampons and liners

Only a few things can be more annoying than getting your period without being properly prepared. Therefore, we have included a large selection of feminine towels, tampons and liners in our stores. You can find everything that you need to make this sometimes harsh and painful period bearable. Fill up your stocks at your local NORMAL store and make sure that you have quality products at your disposal when it is “that” time of the month.

Band aids and bandages in all colours and shapes

Well, maybe not all colours, but NORMAL has made sure that you can get band aids and bandages for every painful occasion. Be prepared when you child gets a scrape – NORMAL has some of the very best band aids and bandages in our selection, and we hope that you will visit your local store and check out the assortment. We promise that at least one (and probably more) bandages and band aids will fit into your home.

Well-shaped cotton pads and cotton swabs

Cotton pads and cotton swabs are vital in every home. Okay, maybe not vital, but you will be surprised how often you need both cotton pads and cotton swabs in your everyday life. And it has been important for NORMAL to include these products in our personal hygiene category which we consider to be the foundation of a healthy and carefree everyday life. Although we have both cotton pads and cotton swabs from some of the most established brands, you can get both at fixed, low NORMAL prices. Come by NORMAL and see our selection of cotton pads and cotton swabs.