Makeup & cosmetics


Makeup and cosmetics – explore our large selection of powders, nail polishes and mascaras

Most women enjoy smartening themselves up, also on a daily basis, and for that purpose makeup is perfect. So, at NORMAL we have a category which comprises all of our makeup products. We have included all the most popular types of makeup, so you can cover all your makeup needs just by visiting  your local NORMAL store.

Low-cost makeup at NORMAL

Using makeup can be expensive, but we have made sure that you can buy your makeup products at fixed, low NORMAL prices. You no longer have to spend a fortune to look good because now you can get quality makeup products and brands at very reasonable prices. Take a look in your local NORMAL store and find high quality and low-cost makeup. We are sure that you will find something to match your preferences.

Powders and foundations

At present, two of the most popular makeup products are powder and foundation. And when you think about it, it makes good sense. These products are amazing for creating a beautiful base for the rest of your makeup. It should be an exquisite process to do your makeup since this is where you lay the basis for your appearance for the rest of the day.  So, we have made sure that you can get the very best makeup from the best brands such as Maybelline and Max Factor in our stores. Stop by – you will not be disappointed.

For your eyes only – mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows

Creating beautiful eyes is an advanced art form. Eyes looking way too tired and wasted after a night with too little sleep? Know the feeling? Luckily there are many solutions to that problem. At NORMAL, we have selected some of the best products to care for your beautiful eyes. Like any store with a wide range of makeup articles, we have mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows as part of our assortment – and at your usual low NORMAL prices.

Beautiful lips with lip balms, lip sticks and lip glosses

Be inspired at NORMAL – find all the best for your lip care. We carry beauty products such as lip stick and lip gloss, but we also carry the means to keeping your lips healthy and moist, namely the lip balm. We have some of the best lip sticks and lip glosses on the market and only your creativity sets a limit to the look of your lips. We have a number of different colours and brands. Stop by – you won´t be disappointed.