Health food


Health foods and dietary supplements

At NORMAL we believe that a good and healthy diet is the most important steps towards good health. We have made a category only for dietary and vitamin supplements. Here you can find all the good and healthy stuff that help you keep your body fit. We have both protein bars and superfoods – everything to keep you and your body healthy and fit.

Delicious health foods and other useful dietary supplements

Health foods and dietary supplements have prospered over the last years, and no wonder. Good health foods are a perfect way to get healthy food integrated in your everyday life, and not many foodstuffs can beat health foods when it comes to providing essential nutrients to the body. The same story goes for dietary supplements. Using dietary supplements is an easy way to get some of the most important nutrients and vitamins. This is why NORMAL has a large selection of health foods and dietary supplements.

Low-cost protein bars and protein drinks

Over the last years, protein has been recognized as an essential contribution to a healthy and strong body. It can, however, be difficult to get enough protein integrated in your diet, especially if you lead a busy and stressful life. Luckily, we have some good alternatives that can help you catch up with the missing protein. NORMAL has included delicious protein bars and tasty protein drinks in our range of health foods. And you don't have to spend a fortune – we have protein bars and drinks at lovely, low NORMAL prices.

Superfoods – the new black

Modern man – and woman - often leads a busy and stressful life, and it can be difficult to get all nutrients through the diet. There isn´t always time to fix a healthy and nutritious dinner and sometimes it is necessary to use different dietary supplements. Fortunately, we have ”superfoods” such as chia seeds, buckthorn and quinoa which NORMAL has included in our health foods category. If you make sure to eat enough of these superfoods, you will have a very healthy base. Obviously, superfoods cannot replace a healthy and well-balanced diet, but they can be an important part of it.

Vitamin pills – boring but necessary

Though it might be best for you to get all your vitamins through a balanced diet, it can be hard to hit the right level. Sometimes it is necessary to add different kinds of vitamin pills – and you can, in fact, get all the most essential ones a NORMAL.