Hair care

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Hair care products – large selection of everything from hair colours and shampoos to hair bands

Controlling your hair is a big challenge – fortunately NORMAL can help you. We have a huge selection of hair care products; both shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair colours, styling and accessories. We wish to give you a broad view of all the products that you can use in or for your hair. We hope you know which products you need – and if you are not quite sure we have written a little text to each product for you to be inspired.

Low-price hair care products for all needs

At NORMAL, we realise how difficult it can be to buy all the hair care products that you need. These products are rather expensive and therefore we have made sure that you can get hair care products in our stores at fixed, low NORMAL prices. Take a browse around at your local NORMAL store and get some inspiration. We have products for all hair types at reasonable prices - even though our selections include some of the world's most well-established brands.   

Hair bands, hair elastics and hair clips

We have included all must-haves in our range of accessories. Hair can be difficult to control – especially for those with long hair. So, we have hair bands, hair elastics and hair clips as part of our selection at NORMAL. Get your stock filled up so you never have to run out of ”lifesaving” hair elastics, essential hair clips or practical hair bands.

Fresh, new hair colours

Up for a new look? Then please stop by NORMAL. We have lots of different hair colours no matter if you are into blonds, browns, reds, pastels or coverings greys. Sometimes it is nice to try out a different look, and a new hair colour is an obvious choice. Probably because it is a safe way to spice up your look and it cannot ruin everything – some might think… anyway, you can find all the popular hair colours at your local NORMAL store.

Cheap shampoos, dandruff shampoos - and whatever!

Shampoos come in many different kinds. Not too many years ago, washing your hair was not a big issue – it was all about getting it clean. Now, we have much more possibilities, and we have, of course, selected the very best for you at NORMAL. In this category, you will find shampoos for all hair types, but also special shampoos such as dandruff and silver shampoos. We also offer hair treatments and head lice shampoos – for the unfortunate ones. Be on top of your hair with shampoos from NORMAL's stores.

To style or not to style

Everybody knows the concept: of having ”a bad hair day”. A bad hair day can ruin everybody's mood. But styling products can help you turn every day into a good hair day. At NORMAL, we have a large selection of styling products both waxes, hair sprays, gels, brylcreem, mousses, dry shampoos and hair powders. And we have products for all hair types. So, there is no excuse for not having a good hair day.