Fragrances and deodorants


Fragrances and deodorants

A nice fragrance is important to maintain the sense of freshness and well-being throughout the day. NORMAL has a category for perfumes, deodorants and similar products. Get an overview of our cost-friendly perfumes and deodorants – there is much inspiration to be found. Of course, all of our fragrances smell good. But only you can decide which one fits you perfectly. We are here to help if you need  advice.

Low-price fragrances for any need

You typically divide fragrances into two main categories – perfumes and deodorants. These two are divided into even more sub-categories, but the two most important concepts to tell apart are perfumes and deodorants. At NORMAL, we have both – and a lot to choose from. We have perfumes for men and women. We have cheap perfumes and, well, even cheaper perfumes. We have a number of different deodorants for both men and women. Do you like sprays? You will not be disappointed at NORMAL. If you are more into roll-ons, we have that too. We have low-price deodorants to be sprayed, rolled or even rubbed on.

The pleasant-smelling, modern man

To be pleasant-smelling is almost a must for a modern man who becomes increasingly more and more interested in appearance. The modern man is in control of himself and his appearance, and picking the right fragrance is an important part of that. At NORMAL we have the solution! We have many different types of deodorants and perfumes for men, all at affordable prices. There should be something for everybody at your local NORMAL, if you are looking for the perfect fragrances for everyday life as well as special occasions.

Female fragrances for all occasions

Naturally, we also carry fragrances for the opposite sex., and out of the many different possibilities available in the modern consumer world, we have picked out a number of the very best at NORMAL. Here you can get both heavy and light, sweet and fresh fragrances. We carry most well-known brands as well as some of the less known brands. We have fragrances for everyday life and we have fragrances for that extra important date or maybe just a night out with friends. It can be difficult to choose the right fragrance, so you are more than welcome to contact our competent colleagues if you need advice.

Roll-on or spray

People have different habits when it comes to deodorants. Some prefer to spray on the nice smell, while others prefer to use a stick and roll-on the fresh smell. NORMAL has lots of possibilities – we know that people have different preferences. And where some only uses one kind, others might use a combination of the two. Look around in your local NORMAL store and find just what you are looking for.