Coffee, spices and sauces – find everything from ketchup to instant coffee

At NORMAL we believe that it is often the small tricks that make the difference for your cooking. And we have dedicated an entire category to small sauces and spices. You can find everything you need to if you want to add something special to your food. Almost all meals will benefit from extra spices or a special sauce, and that is why we have included several different variants of spices and sauces in our stores. Stop by and be inspired – we can almost guarantee that we will have a spice or a sauce that you haven´t tried before. And coffee is, naturally, also available, if you are one of the fans of these delicious, dark drops.

Low-price powder and instant coffee

Coffee has almost come to be a national drink in several countries, including Denmark, and we have, of course, included both powder and instant coffee in our selection. There is almost nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning, and the only drawback imaginable is that it takes time to brew. For the impatient types we have the optimum solution since powder and instant coffee can be done with lightning speed, and we even have both options – at low prices. We hope that you would like to visit your local NORMAL store and see our selection of coffee. If you just love coffee half as much as we do, you will enjoy our impressive selection.

All the good sauces – ketchup, chili sauce and barbecue sauce

We have also found some space for all your favourite sauces in our selection. And you can find the best classics such as ketchup, chili sauce and barbecue sauce in your local NORMAL store. It´s never cool to have planned a big barbecue dinner only to find out that you have run out of the good sauces to spice up the food. A good chili sauce or barbecue sauce can save both good and bad dinners, and you can, of course, find some of the very best at NORMAL. You are more than welcome to ask our staff members which sauces they prefer and/or recommend.

Large selection of cheap spices

Just like a good sauce can save the dinner, good spices are also a must-have if you wish to take your dinner to the next level. Therefore, we have included a large selection of cheap spices in our NORMAL stores, and you can find all your favourite spices – and many more. We actually believe that you can find a lot of inspiration for your cooking at NORMAL, because we do not only have the classic spices – we also carry some of the more exotic variants. Whether you prefer the usual and safe ones or you are slightly more daring, we have spices for any taste.