Cleaning products


Cleaning products – everything from cleaning agents to dishwasher tabs

Cleaning the whole house sometimes seems like rocket science. The market offers tons of different products that you need to know to make sure everything is done correctly. NORMAL has dedicated a category exclusively to these products. We have a category that gathers all cleaning articles so you can get an easy and quick overview of the most important ones. We have not only limescale removers and all-purpose cleaners in this category; we also have the more simple types such as dishwashing tabs and air fresheners. You should be able to find everything you need for a proper cleaning of the house.

Cleaning supplies and cleaners

The right cleaning supplies and cleaners are some of the most important components in the struggle to keep your home clean and fresh. NORMAL has collected some of the world´s best brands in this category, so you do not have to look anywhere else for your cleaning products. Here you will find the best cleaning supplies and you can even get them at low prices. Stop by your local NORMAL store and find all the popular cleaners. We promise that we have everything you need for a proper clean-up.

Dishwasher tabs, dishwashing soap, rinse aids and machine cleaners

The dishwasher has come to be a permanent item in most Danish homes and probably most people are rather grateful about that! But the machine does not work without dishwasher soap or dishwasher tabs, and at NORMAL we have both. We have included both the dishwashing soap and the dishwasher tabs in this category, so you can always be on top of your dishwashing at home. Visit NORMAL and buy all your favourite dishwashing brands. We have everything you need - and even more.

The classics - limescale remover and all-purpose cleaner

Two indispensable products when it comes to cleaning: Limescale remover and all-purpose cleaner. This pair manages to get rid of the worst and most difficult stains and are key to giving the home that shining clean feeling. That is why we have included them in this category. You can buy both limescale remover and all-purpose cleaners at NORMAL and make sure that you will always win the fight against the dirt. Give yourself a head start when it comes to cleaning. You will thank yourself later.

Everything for the bathroom

Two of the most important articles in the cleaning assortment – for some even the most important ones: Toilet cleaner and air freshener. These products are essential in the pursuit of a clean bathroom. Especially toilet cleaner is vital if you wish to have a completely clean toilet – which is so much nicer than the alternative! Air freshener is somehow connected to the toilet cleaner. Individual needs and preferences are in play when it comes to air fresheners – but one thing is for sure: They are nice to have. Just in case.