Body care


Find both shower gels, hand soaps and spa products

Keep your body healthy and clean – find the best soaps at NORMAL. We have a large selection of ordinary soaps, shower gels and hand soaps. A good soap is important to maintain a healthy body and to remove all visible and invisible dirt your body has been exposed to during the day. Find the best soaps at NORMAL.

Both shower gels and body soaps at NORMAL

Although an ordinary soap often does the job, it is sometimes important to dig deeper for more advanced body care. For instance, by using shower gels and body soaps. These products ads valuable nutrients to your body and washes away all dirt. Find some of the best shower gels and body soaps at NORMAL.

Back to basics – hand soaps and liquid hand soaps

NORMAL naturally offers two of the most ordinary body care products, hand soap and liquid hand soap. These products should be a permanent part of any body care assortment as they are important to maintain a healthy and strong body, including healthy and strong hands.

Self-indulgence with spa products

Everybody deserves a little self-indulgence now and then. At NORMAL, you will find a large selection of spa products, perfect for just that. We have made a special effort to find some amazing brands for you at reasonable prices, and we believe that we have succeeded. We have oils, bath sponges and nail treatment products. Stop by your NORMAL and be inspired by our large range of spa products.