Vanish – find Vanish stain remover and detergent at NORMAL

Vanish. The name almost sells itself. It is hard to find somebody who does not know this iconic cleaning brand. And it is certainly no mere coincidence. Although most people recognize Vanish from commercials, it is the amazingly efficient stain remover and detergent which seriously convince the customers. Vanish is dominating the global market for cleansers and the influence on the industry cannot be underestimated. Vanish sets the standard for quality cleaning. Through many years, Vanish has been working on and continues to develop its products, all the time getting closer to a perfect formula for stain removers and detergents. Vanish is tireless in its endeavour to become the very best player on the market by continuously offering perfect customer service and well-developed products.

Vanish for all the difficult stains

The Vanish stain remover is probably the best-known product - and no wonder. Vanish can be used for all possible and impossible places in the house. Everybody knows what it is like to spill gravy or wine on a shiny, clean carpet or on your new, delicate dress. Vanish stain remover takes care of that. Vanish can also be added to your detergent to remove extraordinarily difficult stains. At NORMAL, you will find both Vanish Oxi Action and Vanish Crystal White both of which are classics in many Danish households. We hope that you will visit one of our NORMAL stores and see our large selection of Vanish products at fixed low prices.


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