Lots of Scholl products – find low-price nail files and electronic foot files

Scholl was founded in 1907 by Dr. William Mathias Scholl who had a clear vision for his brand: He wanted to create products building on his understanding of the foot's function in relation to the rest of the body. Dr. Scholl had spent several years of research studying his great passion – the feet. This knowledge turned out to be a gold mine, as it formed the foundation for a very successful firm – Scholl. Through the 1900s, Scholl has worked tirelessly on creating products which help you care for your feet in the best possible way. Scholl is especially known for its nail files and foot files which – of course – are on the shelves in our NORMAL stores. We agree with Scholl: It is important to take good care of your feet, and only the best products are good enough. And you can rest assured that Scholl products definitely belong to that category.

Low-price Scholl products

One of our goals at NORMAL is to pamper our customers as much as we possibly can. One way of doing this is by offering large and well-known brands at fixed, low NORMAL prices. One of these large brands is Scholl. Foot care is an important part of maintaining a healthy and sound body, and we feel that you should be able to care for your feet with the best possible products. Scholl carries a number of those and we have included the very best in our assortment. You are more than welcome to visit NORMAL, have a look around and get inspired. And please do not hesitate to ask our colleagues for advice – they will do their very best to help.

Scholl foot file – the way to beautiful and healthy feet

One of the best and most efficient ways of removing callous skin and to obtain healthy and sound feet in general is to use Scholl's foot file. The newest member of the Scholl family is the Velvet Smooth electronic foot file which removes callous in a gentle yet efficient way. It takes care of your sensitive skin, but it does not take forever to remove the thickened skin. A perfect balance, which makes Scholl Velvet Smooth one of the most popular foot files on the market. Scholl foot file has an ergonomic design. It is therefore both pleasant and easy to use. It is easy to reach the feet and it not an unpleasant struggle every time you care for your feet – quite to the contrary. Scholl Velvet Smooth foot file is also completely waterproof, so you can use it under running water or even in the bathtub. Pretty smart – if we may say so. If you are uncertain which speed to use, you should carefully asses the hardness and thickness of your skin. If your skin is very hard and you want the treatment to be quick, you should choose one of the high speed options.

Scholl nail file for good nail care

Naturally Scholl has also developed a fantastic and high-class nail file. This nail file is also called Velvet Smooth. Scholl Velvet Smooth nail file comes with three different heads which file, buff and polish your finger and toenails. A perfect partner in the pursuit of beautiful and healthy nails. Scholl Velvet Smooth nail file is easy to use and gives your finger and toenails a healthy and shiny look. Scholl's nail file should be used in four easy steps: Firstly, you file and form the nail. Secondly, you smooth out the nail to eliminate ridges etc. In step three, you polish the nails to give them that sought after healthy shine. In short: All you need to care for your nails.


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