Pedigree –cheap Pedigree dog food at NORMAL

The history of Pedigree, a manufacturer of animal food, dates back many years. In 1934, Mars Limited (yep, the ones with the chocolate bars!) established what eventually turned out to be Pedigree when the company started selling low-quality meat as dog food. A lot has happened since then, and today Pedigree is one of the most recognizable brands in the world - even for people who do not have a pet in the house. Pedigree believes that the fantastic and lovable innocence in every dog helps us rediscover our own childish, innocent and carefree sides. Our dogs help us become a better version of ourselves. They help us appreciate the small things in life. Pedigree is devoted to supplying pet owners with good and nutritious food for their beloved pets. All Pedigree products go through long and demanding quality testing to make sure that the products live up to Pedigree's own high standards. The decision to carry Pedigree products in NORMAL's store was simple – yes, of course!  

Popular Pedigree variants

Pedigree offers a huge portfolio of products, and it was a difficult process to choose which specific products to offer in our stores. We ended up with some of Pedigree's most popular variants, namely Pedigree dog food and Pedigree dog treats. Pedigree dog food is iconic and recognised all over the world, and it was important for us to offer this product to our customers–at a fixed low price. We hope that you will stop by your local NORMAL store and check out our selection. If you have not tried the Pedigree dog food before, we highly recommend it. And if you have any doubts as to whether the Pedigree dog treats are just right for your dog, please do not hesitate to ask one of our competent staff members.

Pedigree dog food with healthy and nutritious ingredients

Pedigree dog food should be in every home with a dog, primarily due to the tasty and nutritious combination of ingredients. Pedigree's dog food is composed by especially corn, wheat, meat, vegetable oil and rice, and this combination results in a well-functioning and happy dog ready to meet the challenges of the day, active and well-nourished. It is important that your dog is fed correctly; otherwise it cannot expand its full potential. Just think of yourself: If you get a good, healthy and robust breakfast you will feel a much higher level of productivity for a longer time than if you had an unhealthy breakfast or no breakfast at all. Dogs are the same. They are amazing creatures, but they need the right fuel to be on top. Pedigree dog food takes care of that.


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