Max Factor – large selection of Max Factor mascara & foundation

”Max Factor – The makeup of makeup artists”. Only few slogans are as well-known as this one, due to Max Factor's global awareness. Max Factor was founded in 1909 by Maksymilian Faktorowocz and has grown to become one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world. Maksymilian Faktorowicz was in fact the first to officially use the word ”makeup”. In the early days, the brand specialised in makeup to the movie industry which resulted in an economic freedom that gave the company the possibility to also address ”ordinary people”. Today, Max Factor is a global brand sold all over the world. It ranges among the top makeup brands and is especially known for the classics in the assortment, products that customers return to over and over again. When NORMAL considered whether to include Max Factor's products in the beauty line, there was no doubt in our minds. It was a loud and clear ”yes!”

Low-priced Max Factor makeup at NORMAL

Max Factor is a specialist within the art of makeup. There is a lot of truth in the slogan – the makeup is preferred by makeup artists all over the world. Max Factor has a number of different products in their product range. They do not specialize in a certain type of makeup – but instead carry classics in the assortment both mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows, just to mention a few of many possibilities. At NORMAL, we are very enthusiastic about Max Factor and we have chosen to offer a wide range of the bestsellers. We hope you will come by and get inspired by the beautiful selection. We certainly do not hesitate to recommend Max Faxtor makeup to anybody who stops by. 

Max Factor mascara for every need

Makeup is an integrated part of our life, so it is important to have access to the best products. At NORMAL we offer a wide selection of Max Factor mascaras and we offer to our customers the possibility of buying Max Factor's classics at fixed low prices every day. It might be difficult to figure out the advantages of individual makeup products, so you are more than welcome to ask our competent colleagues for advice. We will do our very best to help you pick the right Max Factor mascara. Come visit NORMAL and see our wide selection of Max Factor mascaras for yourself. We have, for instance, the best sold mascara in Denmark – 2000 Calories – which you can buy at an abNORMALly low price. We can almost guarantee that you will be impressed – we certainly were!

Max Factor foundation

Obviously, we cannot carry a large selection of Max Factor products without including a foundation. Foundation forms the basis of a good makeup. Most women are familiar with the Max Factor foundation and have already used it, so it was an easy decision to include it as a permanent part of our assortment at a fixed, low price. We hope you will stop by your local NORMAL store and check out our Max Factor products – we are sure that we have something which is just right for you.

Max Factor

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