Gillette razor blades – a large selection of Gillette Fusion and Venus

At NORMAL, we are crazy about Gillette! We might as well lay that down as a fact from the start – and even if we had to, it would be more than difficult to find razor blades at a higher, or even at the same, level as Gillette. Gillette razor blades hold an extremely high standard for both men and women. All their products have been through countless quality tests, resulting in world class products. If you prefer a safe and comfortable shave, it is safe to go for the razor blades from Gillette. Stop by NORMAL and see our broad selection of low-priced Gillette razor blades.

Low-priced Gillette razor blades

A popular brand such as Gillette can easily be associated with high prices, and at NORMAL we think that this a pity. Because each and every one of our costumers deserves the best possible shave, and for that to happen you just need to have the best possible products at your disposal. Therefore, we at NORMAL have included low-priced Gillette razor blades in our selection. So, there is no need to use up your savings or empty your bank account to buy Gillette razor blades in our stores. We have them at your disposal at the classic, low NORMAL price. We look forward to seeing you in your local NORMAL store. And please feel free to ask for advice on the Gillette razor blades. Our selection is very wide so we should have a razor blade for any occasion and preference.

Men's only: Gillette Fusion

One of Gillette's most popular sub-brands is the ”Gillette Fusion”. Gillette Fusion is based on a special technology which provides an extra comfortable and soft shave.  Gillette Fusion aims at giving our skin the best possible conditions – especially very sensitive skin can benefit from Gillette Fusion as the Fusion technology guarantees an extremely gentle shave. NORMAL was convinced a long time ago – we are crazy about Gillette Fusion, and the razor blades are of course part of our assortment. We also carry the further development, Gillette Fusion Proglide, which offers an improvement of the excellent Fusion technology and provides an even easier shave. Come by NORMAL and be inspired by our selection – we hope that you would like to try our Gillette Fusion razor blades. For most people, the first time definitely will not be the last …

Women's favourite – Gillette Venus

For women, the Gillette Venus is an absolute favourite – and no wonder. Gillette Venus razor blades are developed with a view to turning the often very long and tiresome shaving process into something positive. This fantastic product is the result of numerous hours of quality development work – and it works! Gillette Venus is an advanced technology which takes standard razor blades to a new level. It is specifically developed with the aim of leaving the skin soft and well-cared for after shaving. Shaving should not be an irksome duty, but rather something relaxing and enjoyable that you do for your body. That is the philosophy behind Gillette Venus, and therefore we have included these fantastic blades in our assortment.

We also have Gillette gel and Mach 3 razor blades

A good shave is only good if you have prepared your skin properly. A good razor blade only takes the shaving process one step of the way; you also need an excellent shaving foam. Gillette is obviously aware of that and they have invested a lot of time and energy in their shaving foams., Therefore we have Gillette gel in our assortment. We went through a long selection process, but we ended up concluding that Gillette gel is among the very best on the market. So, you can visit your local NORMAL and find Gillette gel on the shelves. We have already mentioned some of Gillette's best products within razor blades – Fusion and Venus - but we also carry Mach 3 as part of our product range. Most people know the name Mach 3, and this is no coincidence. Mach 3 has been one of the absolute favourites among razor blades for years, and now you can get them at NORMAL. At a low price.


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