Ajax household cleaning product – see our selection of Ajax products

When it comes to cleaning agents, most people have heard the name Ajax. Ajax has been synonymous with a clean home for many years – in fact ever since it was introduced on the market in 1947 by Colgate-Palmolive. Ajax was one of the company´s first major brands and the company was dedicated to succeed. Ajax went through a long development process and the hard work resulted in the strong and successful brand known today. The slogan "Stronger than dirt!" is recognised all over the world, and the products have almost reached cult status within the cleaning industry.

Ajax all-purpose cleaner for everything in your household

The Ajax name is known from many different products, but the most well-known must be the all-purpose cleaner. Ajax all-purpose cleaner can be used all over the house and the special formula of the product is based on a long quality development process, constantly evaluating the strength and composition of ingredients. The result is one of the fastest and most efficient dirt removers on the market and – as the name implies – it can be used all over the house. Drop in at NORMAL and check out our selection of Ajax all-purpose cleaners.

Loads of different Ajax cleaning products

We love Ajax so of course the all-purpose cleaner is not the only Ajax product on our shelves. Actually, we have a number of Ajax products in our assortment. It is very hard to find something negative to say about Ajax – it just does the job keeping the house clean, easy and efficiently. So, it is not a coincidence that Ajax is an absolute all-time favourite among the Danes.  


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