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The concept

At NORMAL, we sell completely normal goods at abnormal prices. The assortment includes well-known brands within categories such as skin care, hair care, oral care, shampoo, makeup, and cleaning. In short: All the things that you cannot do without in your everyday life and which should not be missing on the shelves in your home. All items are sold at fixed, low prices, meaning that you will not be able to find special offers and bargains with us. But you can be sure that the goods will have the same price, also the next time you visit the store.

NORMAL is much more than fixed, low prices and well-known brands. Our goal is that it should always be a new and unique experience to visit one of our stores. Even if it has only been a week since you last visited the store. That is why in NORMAL - in addition to the regular assortment of well-known branded products - there is a constant replacement and circulation of products on the shelves and podiums so you will always have new products to discover and explore. Our maze-like store set-up invites you to go treasure hunting among the many exciting items from well-known and unknown brands, and it is always easy to fill the shopping basket - without emptying your bank account.

NORMAL is a Danish-owned retail chain. We opened the doors to the first store in Silkeborg, Denmark, in April 2013, and since then NORMAL has grown into a chain of more than 300 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Finland.

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Welcome to NORMAL!

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At NORMAL you will find well-known brands at fixed, abnormal prices.

These are absolutely NORMAL brands within hair care, skin care, makeup and everything else for your household – also candy and snacks and all you need to bring on your vacation in small, practical travel sizes.

You will probably be thrilled when you see the abNORMAL prices on boring articles such as Finish dishwashing tabs, stain remover from Vanish, hair shampoo from L´Oreal, Whiskas cat food or makeup from Maybelline.

We have a large selection of permanent products, but we also get new and exiting products every week - so we always have something new on the shelves for you. Our goods are never on sale; instead you can always get them at our fixed, low prices.

Would you like to know more about which products we sell at NORMAL? Read more about hair care, make-up, skin care or cleaning. You can also find an overview of all our product categories here.