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Brands in Normal

At NORMAL we sell low-priced brands within household goods, personal care products and a selection of groceries, such as L´Oreal, Colgate, Ajax and Gillettes at abnormally low prices.

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Large selection of low-price groceries and personal care products

At NORMAL you will find a large selection of absolutely NORMAL articles for absolutely NORMAL people – just cheaper. Our ambition is to offer you a large selection of the cheapest groceries and personal care products.

NORMAL, however, is much more than fixed low prices for common brands. We also offer a different and interesting shopping experience, with frequent news supplementing the permanent assortment of over 2,000 products. In our stores, you will find brands that you can otherwise only find in foreign countries – for instance  the soft drink known from American TV-series or that special chocolate bar that you have been craving since your last vacation.

More about Normal

We opened the first store in Silkeborg in 2013 and since then we have opened more than 240 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and France. Our goal is to offer you a unique experience every time you go shopping in our stores, and therefore we constantly aim to present new and exciting products. Brands for you, your pets and your household. And always at fixed, low prices.

We succeed in competing with remarkably lower prices on branded goods because we import goods from distributors all over the EU. We buy the goods from the distributor who offers the lowest price and we avoid expensive intermediaries.