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What is Normal?

At NORMAL, we sell normal products at abnormal prices. Our product range comprises well-known brands within categories such as skin care, oral care, shampoo, makeup and cleaning agents. In short: All the things that you need for your everyday life, and all the things that should not be missing in your home. All products sell at fixed low prices, and you will find no bargains or knock-out offers in our stores. But on the other hand, the prices will not have changed when you visit the store again.

NORMAL is much more than fixed low prices and branded goods. Our goal is that you should always get a new and unique experience when you come to one of our stores. Even if your last visit was only a week ago. Therefore, our permanent assortment of well-known branded goods is continuously supplemented by new and exciting items that find their way to the shelves and podiums. The maze-like store set-up invites you to go treasure hunting for products from known and unknown brands, and you will always find a new surprise waiting just around the corner.

NORMAL is a Danish-owned retail chain. The first store opened in the Danish city of Silkeborg in April 2013, and since then more than 300 stores have opened in five additional countries: Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Finland.

Brands in Normal

At NORMAL we sell low-priced brands within household goods, personal care products and a selection of groceries, such as L´Oreal, Colgate, Ajax and Gillettes at abnormally low prices.

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